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Your gateway to the town of Padubidri
Four-laning of NH-66 (former NH-17) - DC inspects proposed routes
Padubidri, July 6th:  Udupi District Deputy Commissioner Dr. M.T. Reju  visited Padubidri on Wednesday morning along with Superintendent of Police Dr. Ravi Kumar, Udupi Tahsildar V.Prasanna Kumar and NH Authority Project Officer K.M. Hegde, to inspect the viability of proposed thee options: 1. Construction of bypass road on the eastern side.  2. Widening of existing highway passing through Padubidri town.  3. Construction of a fly over . He has inspected Padubidri town, Ramnagar area and Dean Street area. 

Later in the evening there was a meeting at DC's office attended by the Convenor of NH-17 Sambhavaya Santrastara Samiti Y. Sukumar, Dr. Y.N. Shetty, Dr. N.T. Anchan, Vishu Kumar Shetty, Y. Gopal Shetty, Prashanth Shenoy and other members.  Please click here to read more on this, as published in national daily 'The Hindu'.

People likely to be evacuated are worried about their future.  Widening the existing highway passing through Padubidri town will destroy the entire Padubidri town and its infrastructure.  Whereas, constructing a bypass will destroy many houses.  However, the extent of the damage with these options is still not clear to the people, as they are unaware of actual extent of widening or the actual bypass route.  There are endless daily rumours, causing even more confusion and fear.

However, the following news item was published in national daily 'The Hindu' recently, regarding NHAI's survey findings.

The first option would be to got for a 1.9-km 60-metre width bypass at Padubidri, which would cost Rs. 28.18 crore. It requires 20.4 hectares of land and 16 buildings would have to be demolished.Second option would be to widen the existing 1.9-km. stretch at Padubidri to 60 metres at a cost of Rs. 67.06 crore.
It would require 6.39 hectares of land and 96 buildings would be demolished.
If the same stretch was to be widened to 45 metres under the third option, it would cost Rs. 58.16 crore. It required 2.38 hectares of land and 72 buildings to be demolished, sources said.


Please click here for the fully story, as appeared in the newspaper.                                  Pic. courtesy: Hareesh Kumar Hejamady.

Udupi, July 9th:  Udupi District minister in-charge, Dr. V.S. Acharya. said during Udupi BJP General meeting that final decision about Padubidri highway widening or bypass will be taken only after identifying the required land.  Both pro-bypass and anti-bypass supporters presented their respective version of argument in the meeting.  Therefore, the uncertainity and anxiousness over the bypass project still continues.                                                              News by: Abdul Hameed, Padubidri.

Padubidri Google Map
Padubidri Bandh urging construction of a bypass evokes very good response
Padubiri, July 20th:  A  24 hours long bandh called by the Committe for the people likely to be affected by widening of NH-66 at Padubidri town evoked a very good response from the general public and affected evacuees. Barring a few isolated shops at Karkala road, a couple of restaurants, ,most of the business establishments remained closed.  Tempos and taxis were not on the road. However most of the autorickshaws were operating despite reduced movement of people. To show their solidarity with the people affected at Melina Pete, the people from Kelagina Pete  also downed their shutters.  Also the main market and the fish market remained closed. Renowned doctors Y.N. Shetty and N.T Anchan, President of the Samiti Y. Sukumar, senior citizen Parthasarathy and convenor of Padubidri unit of Bajrang Dal Prakash Shetty spoke at the occasion.  Their speech highlighted following points:
     1. 1.9 km proposed bypass is technically, socially and financially more viable. The proposed bypass option at a cost of Rs. 28 crores causes minimum damage ,as against the widening at a cost of Rs 58 crores ( 45m width) or Rs. 69 cores (60m width) causing widespread damage and wiping out the entire town.  The bypass can cater to the proposed speed of 100 kms per hour, whereas the widening the existing highway can only be designed to a speed of 80 kms per hour due to alignment.  There are more residential houses on both side of the highway within a width of 45 meters as compared to the bypass route. 
     2. The land accuired by the government for the widening to former West Coast road (now called NH - 66) way back in 1964 is only 28.5 m wide.  It has been wrongly projected by certian media that the government has acquired 45m wide land for the expansion of the highway.  People hsve RTC on their name and also had availed KSFDC loan which would have been impossible if the land had not belonged to them.
     3. The number of houses affected by the proposed bypass project is not accurately accounted for.  The total number changes every now and then with unrealistic figures.  With the uncertainity and lack of information on final bypass route out of 3 bypass routes surveyed, all the houses (including the houses in other two routes not selected) are being projected by the people with vested interest, causing confusion and misguiding the people.
     5.  While all the towns (in the district) on the highway have bypasses, only Padubidri town is deprived of it. The existing highway construcrted a long ago had bypassed old towns of Udupi, Udyavara, Katapady, Kaup, Hejamady, Mulki, Haleangady and many more towns along its route. Protecting the towns is one of the policies of highway authorites, unless there is no other viable option.
     4. The bypass  project was approved by Central government long ago and subsequently by the Chief minster of Karanataka - Mr. B.S. Yeddiyurappa. But now it is delayed due to the objection from certain influencial people.
  The Samiti declared that they will not allow the widening and will protect the Padubidri town at any cost. They urged the authorities to consider the option that causes minimum damage and hardship to the people. The president of the Samiti - Y.Sukumar said that a very good compensation should be given to the people being displaced in order to keep them happy and rebuild their houses.

Padubidri, Dec.23rd, 2009:  NH17 bypass survey being carried out at Ramnagar area. The survey work was stopped after the objection from the likely affected residents. It is not clear if existing highway will be widened or a flyover will be built or the other two bypass options (One through Ramnagar and the other one through Dean Street) will be implemented.
Residents of Abbas Gudde - Ramnagar object to NH-17 bypass survey
Committee of people likely to be affected by widening of NH-17 at Padubidri town hold meeting
Padubidri, Aug. 4th, 2010: Committee of people likely to be affected by widening of of NH-17 at Padubidri town held a press meet headed by Y. Sukumar, at Hotel Navrang and a general meeting at Pingara hall of Hotel Pallavi. During the press meet, Dr. Y.N. Shetty explained that between Suratkal and Kundapura, only Padubidri will have extensive destruction due to widening of the highway affecting around 238 establishments including all the medical facilities such as maternity centres, clinics, pharmacies, and also community halls, banks, hotels and houses, whereas towns like Mulki, Haleangadi, Kaup, Katapadi and Udyavara had bypass roads long ago saving the entire commercial areas of respective towns. Dr. N.T. Anchan said that by constructing a bypass road causing far less damage will benefit Padubidri as a whole by having more commercial activity along the new bypass road, in addition to the existing one, offering additional employment opportunities to the people. The president of the committee Y. Sukumar said that the initial course of action would be to send an appeal to the various authorities, political leaders and people's representatives. Among the press correspondents, Harish Kumar Hejamady for Vijaya Karnataka, Chethan Padubidri for Jayakirana, Abdul Hamid for Prajavani, Hemnath Padubidri for Daijiworld, Balakrishna for NammaTV and Suresh Yermal for V4 TV channel and Karavali Ale were present.  Earlier during the day, the TV reporteres from Udaya TV, TV9 and other TV channels took interviews and video coverage of the existing highway.
A large number of people attended the meeting that followed at Pinagara hall of Hotel Pallavi. Once again, Y.Sukumar, Dr. Y.N. Shetty and Dr. N.T. Anchan spoke about the irreversible effects of destructions of Padubidri town. Mr. Prakash Shetty, the President of Bajrang Dal (Padubidri unit) said that while quite a number of rich businessmen can afford to shift their business to a new location, the small traders and more than 2500 workers depending on these business establishments for their livelihood can suffer a lot. He declared his whole hearted support against this destruction. It was finally resolved that committee's repersentative will personally handover their appeal to respective ministers both at Bangalore and New Delhi. Mr. Vishukumar Shetty gave vote of thanks.

Protest against proposed bypass for NH-17

Padubidri, Jun 15: The residents of Nadsal village under Padubidri gram panchayat staged a rally from Sri Mahalingeshwar temple welcome arch, Padubidri, on National Highway (NH) 17 to the local bus stand, here on Tuesday June 15, urging the NH authorities to shelve the plan of laying bypass road, instead stick to the original plan of building a flyover at Padubidri. The agitators laid road-blockade at Padubidri town, here for a brief while, causing hindrances to motorists and inter-city buses. 
The protestors alleged that influential property owners who had encroached on either side of NH 17 at Padubidri are resisting the NH authorities to build a flyover through their properties, instead pressuring the concerned authorities to work on alternative bypass road, which would put the local peasant community in great hardships.
The protestors demanded that nowhere through the NH 17 from Kundapur to Suratkal, a bypass road has been proposed except flyovers at Katpady, Kaup, Brahmavar and Ucchila among others along the highway, for converting the existing two-lane highway into four-lane.  
Meanwhile, the protestors presented a memorandum to tahsildar Prasanna, to forward the same to state administration, urging the government to drop the plan of laying a bypass road at Padubidri, since it causes hardships to many residents from minority community and are not willing to let their lands for the purpose.
Ramdas Nayak, N S Poojary, Nithyanand Shetty, former state minister Vasant V Salian, JDS district president Deviprasad Shetty, Naveenchandra Shetty, Ravindranath G Hegde, Mithun Hegde, Shashikanth, Abdul Aziz, Abdul Hameed and Sattar Saheb among others were present.
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