Summary of three major international service organisations in Padubidri
JCI Padubidri: This was the first among the three service organisations introduced to Padubidri and very well known to the people. Late P.Vijay Kumar Shetty was the Founder President and under his charming and enthusiastic leadership JCI gathered momentum in a very short span of time. Its main theme is 'Individual Development' and 'Leadership' for youth. This created many enterpreneurs, political personalities, National trainers, and well-disciplined youth. It has won many National awards for its service to the local population and the country as a whole. Its permanent projects include Bus shelters, various training for the school children and the general public, and a number of other service activities. Jaycee Week is celebrated with full fanfare. Jc Prakash Devadiga is the new president of Padubidri chapter for the year 2012-13.
Lions Club Padubidri: With a slogan of 'We Serve', this service oriented organisation started here in Padubidri under Lion P.Ravindranath G.Hegde, as the President. It soon became popular with its service projects like Bus shelters, Free Medical camps, Aid to physically handicapped and mentally challenged people, and other service activities. Its star project was to build an English Medium School by forming Padubidri Lions Club Educational Trust under the leadership of P.Ravindranth G. Hegde, as the President and Lion Jaiprakash as the secretary with the dynamic support of Lion K.T.Rai, Lion Krishna Shetty, Lion Dr. N.T.Anchan, Ln Haji P.K.Moidin and other members. It had many ups and downs, and during the time of crisis it was managed very well with the help of Lion K.T.Rai, Lion James Dain Andrade, Lion Krishna Shetty, Lion Ravi Shetty and Lion Dr. N.T.Anchan with the support of its founder President. The major breakthrough came when the existing trust President Lion Y.Gopal Shetty and Past President of Lions Club Lion Ramesh Achar set up an example by donating a land of 1 Acre for building a new school building. They left no stones unturned and accomplished this task by building a spacious school building. The services offered by this school was quickly acknowledged by LCIF (Lions Club International Fund) and they donated Rs. 19,00,000 for the expansion of the school. 
Ln. Sadashiv Achar is the current President for the year 2012-13.  More on Lions club Padubidri
Rotary Club Padubidri: This is relatively new club in Padubidri, although Rotary International was the first International service organisation.  It has already completed 10 years of fruitful service.  Padubidri Rotary Club's Founder President Rtn. Y.Sudhir Kumar was instrumental in starting this chapter in Padubidri. It has been involved with many social welfare activities. Rtn. Gangadhar Salian is the current President for the year 2011-12 and has many ambitions to take the Rotary club to a newer heights. .

Founder President:
Late P.Vijay Kumar Shetty
International Organisations
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Installation ceremony of Lions club Padubidri - Ln. P. Sadashiv Achar is the new president
Padubidri, July 19th, 2012:  Ln. Sadashiv Achar and his team for the lionistic year 2012-13 was installed by Lions Past District Governor Ln. Suresh Shetty, mjf, at a ceremony held at Lions English Medium High School in Padubidri on Wednesday night.  The team included  Ln. Vishu Kumar Shetty as secretary, Ln. Ramesh Achar, mjf, as the treasurer, Lns. Sudha R. Navada as Lioness President, Lns. Bhargavi S. Achar as the Lioness secretary, Lns. Shakunthala R. Achar as Lioness Treasurer.  Ln. Dr. N.T. Anchan, mjf, welcomed the guests .....  Read more
Installation ceremony of Rotary Club - Gangadhar N. Salian is the new president
Padubidri, July 11th, 2012:  Installation ceremony of new office bearers for Padubidri Rotary club was held on Tuesday, July 10th, at Siri Garden hall of Hotel Amar Comforts.  Rtn. PHF C.A. Dev Anand, Past Asst. Governor Zone 2, installed Gangadhar N. Salian as the new president and Hemachandra as the new secretary along with the rest of the office bearers.  In his speech he explained the need for people to join and work with ..... Read more
JCI Padubidri installation ceremony of Jc. Rajaram and his team for the year 2013-14
Padubidri, Jan.8th, 2013:  Installation ceremony of Padubidri JCI with new president Jc. Rajaram and his team of office-bearers was held on Monday at Pingara Hall of Hotel Pallavi.  JFM Shridhar P.S., the Zone president of Zone XV was the installing officer for the ceremony.  Newly elected Padubidri Grama Panchayat President Vijaya M. Amin was the guest of honour.  EVP of JCI Jc. Sen. Sadananda Navada and Past Zone President PPF. Y. Sukumar were the  ... Read more