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Aruna Rai
By: HK Hejmady. pic by: Ravi Digitals
Padubidri, April 11th, 2016:  In the finals of Venkatesh Trophy-2016 cricket tournament being played in Padubidri School grounds, Challenge Kundapura defeated Bengaluru Friends by 6 runs.  Batting first, Challenge Kundapura scored 53/3 in their allotted 8 overs with Babu scoring 18 runs and Charan scoring 17 not out.   Bengaluru Friends started losing wickets right from the beginning and in tbe last over needed 27 runs.  When Yasin lifted  three consecutive deliveries for sixers, the match took a dramatic turn.  However, despite the 5th ball being a no ball, the last two balls were dot balls and they  managed to score only 47 runs losing 9 wickets.

The winners received a cash prize of Rs, 3,03,333 and the runner up received Rs. 1,05,555, along with the trophies.. The semi-finalists, Nash Bengaluru and Venkataramana Pithrody received cash prize of Rs. 25,000 each.  The prizes were given away by Padebettu Sathish Shetty, the owner of Peninsula hotel.

Interestiingly, the Challenge Kundapura gaied entry among the 30 teams only at the last moment, as a team from Bengaluru did not turn up.  They took the challenge and won the trophy under the leadership of K.P. Sathish.

In the first semi-finals, Bengaluru Friends defeated Venkatramana Pithrody, and in the second semi-finals Challenge Kundapura defeated Nash Bengaluru.

In the matches played earlier, Venkatrmana Pithrody defeated Johnson Jaikarnataka and whereas, Nash Bangalore defeated Gangster Tamilnadu.

Addressing the gathering during the valedictory function, Oscar Fernandes, the member of Rajya Sabha said such events will help young talents.

Udupi District Minister-in-charge and minister for Urban Development, Vinay Kumar Sorake, MLCs Ivan D'Souza, Pratapchandra Shetty, Founder chairman of MRG group K. Prakash Shetty, VP of Adani Power Project - Kishore Kumar Alva, Mumbai's entrepreneur Kadandale Suresh Bhandary, State Amateur Kabaddi Associaton Chairman Rakesh Malli, renowned Kabaddi player and Chatrapati Shivaji awardee Jaya A. Shetty, Pune Bunts Association president Inna Santhosh Shetty, Maharashtra Kannada Journalist Organisation president Dr. Shiva Moodigere, Hoteliers Yermal Chandrahas Shetty, Balachandra Shetty, Bellary businessman Suresh Shetty Gurme, Ashraf Karnire, Srikanth, Santhosh Shetty, Subhash Shetty, Mahesh Shetty, Kishan Shetty Kollebail, Sinfra Manager Ashok Shetty, Karavali Coastguard SP Chenna Basavanna, All India Billava Union president Naveenchandra Suvarna, Sumalatha Suvarna and other dignitories were present.

Felicitations:  Renowned Kabaddi players Jaya A. Shetty, Rishank Devadiga, Sukesh Hegde, Prashanth Rai, Gourav Shetty and young cricketer Pranav Dhanvade who was the first one to score 1009 runs in an innings, were honoured durng the occasion.

Star attractions:  Sandalwood film actor and music director Gurukiran, actress Tejaswini, Tulu actor of film "Chandi Kori" fame Arjun Kapikad and Sandalwood film actor Nirup Bhandary of Rangitaranga fame were the star attractions.  Gurukiran entertained the crowd with popular Kannada song "Huttidare Kannada Nadalli Huttabeku: and by adding Padubidri in between.

Paduidri Friends Cricketers president Naveenchandra J. Shetty presided and welcomed the guests. Mumbai Samiti president Jithendra J. Shetty, honourary presidents Santhosh Shetty & Y. Sukumar, convenor Naveen N. Shetty, Captain Sharath Shetty, vice captain Subhash Kamath, secretory Ramanand Gadiyar, treasurer Suresh Kamath, Late Venkatesh's brother Yogeesh Acharya and the members of Friends Cricketers were present.

Venkatesh Memorial Day & Night 4th National level tennis ball tournament was played Padubidri Board School grounds from 8th to 10 April 2016.  The event was organised by Padubidri Friends Cricketers to mark their 35th anniversary and in memory of their former opening batsman Venkatesh who passed away around 10 years ago due to a road accident.  Selected 30 teams from Chennai, Kerala states,and from various parts of Karnataka participated in the tournament.   Shri Vinay Kumar Sorake, Udupi District Minister-in-charge, had inaguruated the tournament on 8th.  Four-mast floodlight system, live telecast, online live score update and video streaming, chearleaders, spectator's gallery and various entertainment programmes made the event look somewhat similar to an IPL tournament.


Challenge Kundapura 53/3 (8.0)
Bangalore Friends   47/9 (8.0)
Challenge Kundapura won the Venkatesh Trophy-2016

Semi-finals 2
Nash Bangalore      42/9 (8.0)
Challenge Kundapura 43/9 (8.0)
Challenge Kundapura beat Nash Bangalore

Semi-final 1
Venkatramana Pithrody   43/9 (8.0)
Bangalore Friends       91/4 (8.0) 
Bangalore Friends Beat Venkatramana Pithrody

League Matches
Venkatramana Pithrody 48/6 (8.0)
Johnson Jai Karnataka 50/2 (5.0)
Venkatramana Pithrody beat Johnson Jai Karnataka

Nash Bangalore     48/1 (3.2) 
Gangster Tamilnadu 42/8 (8.0)
Nash Bangalore Beat Gangster Tamilnadu

City Boys Calicut  45/10 (7.3)
Bangalore Friends  47/6 (8.0)
Bangalore Friends Beat City Boys Calicut

Match Fixing        50/8 (8.0)
Challenge Kundapura 85/4 (8.0)
Challenge Kundapura Beat Match Fixing

Davangere XI         59/9 (8.0)
Challenge Kundapura  68/3 (8.0)
Challenge Kundapura Beat Davangere XI

Arafa Cricket Club Padubidri 0  -  0 ( . )
Googly Bangalore 0 -  0 ( . )
Arafa Cricket Club Padubidri Beat Googly Bangalore

Eleven Tigers Tumkur 0  -  0 ( . ) J
ohnson Jai Karnataka 0 -  0 ( . )
Johnson Jai Karnataka Beat Eleven Tigers Tumkur

City Boys Calicut 78/5 (8.0)
Shivamogga XI     60/7 (8.0)
City Boys Calicut Beat Shivamogga XI

Nash Bangalore   51/1 (5.3)
United Suralpady 47/9 (8.0)
Nash Bangalore Beat United Suralpady

Alfalah Cricketers Padubidri 36/7 (8.0)
Bangalore Friends 70  -  6 (8 . 0)
Bangalore Friends Beat Alfalah Cricketers Padubidri

Davanagere XI       57/9 (7.0)
HAL Stags Bangalore 44/10 (8.0)
Davangere XI Beat Hal Stags banglore

All Mighty Chennai 51/4 (6.6)
Banglore Friends BeatT ALL Mighty Chennai

Gangster Trichy Tamilnadu 43/5 (6.4)
City Friends Kolnad       42/4 (7.0)
Gangsters Tirchy Tamilnadu Beat Cirty Friends Kolnad

Arafa Padubidri       26/10 (6.1)
Johnson Jai Karnataka 27/0 (2.3)
Johnson Jaya karnataka Beat Arafa Padubidri

Chakravarthi Kundapura 33
City boys calicut      36
City boys calicut Beat Chakravarthi Kundapura

Nash bangalore  71/3  (7. 0)
Jayadurga Udupi 22/10 (5.4)
Nash Bangalore Beat Jayadurga Udupi

Chakravarthi Kundapura 85/7 (8.0)
Mahalingeshwara Puttur 48/7 (8.0)
Chakravarthi Kundapura Beat Mahalingeshwara Puttur

SFC UDUPI           55/7 (8.0)
City Friends Kolnad 60/8 (8.0)
City Friends Kolnad Beat SFC UDUPI

AK Sports Udupi            107/1 (8.0)
Dosth Cricketers Padubidri  29/9 (8.0)
AK Sports Udupi beat Dosth Cricketers Padubidri

Venkatramana Pithrody 88/7   (8.0)
National Padubidri    49/10  (7.5)
Venkatramana Pithrody Beat National Padubidri

Jayadurga Udupi      74/6 (8.0)
Bengre Tarun Friends 48/9 (8.0)
Jayadurga Udupi Beats Bengre Tarun Friends

Sagar Sports Club   55/9 (8.0)
Challenge Kundapura 59/6 (6.2)
Challenge Kundapura Beats Sagar Sports Club

Navabbharath Udupi   48/8 (8.0)
Match Fixing Pangala 49/6 (6.0)
Match Fixing Pangala Beats Navabharath Udupi

Umpires: Ibrahim, Vinod, Suresh and Dinesh
Challenge Kundapura lifts Venkatesh Trophy-2016
Photo gallery
Sandalwood film actor & music director Gurukiran entertaining the gathering during the valedictory functon on Sunday, Apri 10th.
Indian professional iNternational Kabaddi player, Rajyotsava and Arjuna awardee ,  Mamatha Poojary, was honoured during the tournament on Saturday.
Mamata Poojary addressing the gathering
Inaugural function on Friday, April 8th, 2016
Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs - K. Abhaychandra Jain, addressing the gathering
Minister for Forest, Environment and Ecology - Ramanath Rai, addressing the gathering
Spectator's gallery introduced for the first time in a day & night match in Padubidri
Colourful inaugural ceremony with music, dance, laser show and entertainment
Challenge Kundapura receiving their winner's trophy and the cheque
Pranav Dhanawade is being honoured by Friends Cricketers
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2nd day events