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News & pictures by: Hareesh Kumar Hejmady
PG study centre of Mangalore Univerisity - Expert Committee members in Belapu
Belapu, March 8th, 2013: Members of an expert committee team appointed by Mangalore University to prepare a feasibility report on building a Post-Graduate Study Centre of the univerisity in Udupi District, visited proposed locations in Belapu and Uppur. The committee will recommend either Belapu or Uppur.  The committee members took keen interest in visiting and examining Belapu locations.  Speaking to the media, the committee members informed that Uppur has 20 acres of government land and around 30 acres of additional land, They took keen interesting in going through the records of over 150 acres of government land availability and also, it was explained to them that the Padubidri railway station is at close proximity and NH-66 is within a kilometere distance.  Additional factors such as greenery in the surrounding areas, abundant water resources, road network and availability of further private lands, were also explained to them.
Speaking with the media persons, the committee president Prof. K.R. Acharya said, "The committee has examined both the proposed locations and after convening a meeting of the committee, the matter will be discussed thoroughly.  Thereafter, a report would be submitted to the univerisity about the selected location.  The univerisity will discuss the matter in the univeristy syndicate meeting and will send its report for government approval."
Belapu Grama Panchayat president Deviprasad Shetty explained about availability of 24.86 acres of land in survey No. 56 and 68 acres of Congentrix rehabilitation land reacquired by the government.  In addition, there is over 100 acres of land availability in the area.  The initial requirement for the land is estimated to be  around 20 - 25 acres. Therefore Mr. Shetty has highly recommended Belapu as the right location for the PG study centre.

Mangalore University Registrar Dr. P.S. Yadipatthaya, financial officer Prof. P. Fakirappa, Committee's office-bearers Prof. P. Sripati Tantri, Prof. Jogan Shankar, Prof. Manjunath Pattabhi, Executive Engineer Shivashankar Swamy, Kaup Revenue Inspector Ganesh Balegar, Belapu GP vice president Prakash Rao, PDO Appu Sherigar, members Niranjan Shetty, Sudhakar Devadiga and others were present.