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MLA Abhayachandra Jain hands over an appeal to CM demanding formation of Mulki Taluk
Mulki, Feb. 11th, 2013:  MLA Abhayachandra Jain met the Karnataka Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar on Monday and submitted an appeal demanding the formation of Mulki taluk, while appraising him of the situation.
Meanwhile, the "Horata Samiti" is staging a three day's (11th to 13th) sit-in protest at Mulki Bus stand and the members of "Madiga Dandora Meesalu Samit" from Karnad K.S. Rao Nagar arrived from Karnad and joined the protest by taking out a 'Padayatra" and beating drums on thier way.  Madiga Dandora Samiti president Manjunath R.K. .vice-president Ashok Poojar, Vittal, Bhimashankar R.K. and other were present.

At the same time, Mulki Zone of Dakshina Kannada Zilla Photographer's Association has declared its whole-hearted support to the Samiti demanding the formation of Mulki Taluk.  The secretary Yashwanth has urged the MLA to respond favourably and work towards resolving the issue soon.
Mulki Taluk Horata Samiti threatens to boycot elections as the stir intensifies
Mulki, Feb. 12th, 2013:  A sit-in stir by organised by "Mulki Taluk and Nyayalaya Horata Samiti" has demanded appointment of a special Tahsildar for Mulki and to drop the idea of merging Mulki with Moodabidri Taluk.  The three-day-long sit-in stir near Mulki bus stand was inaugurated on Monday by senior freedom fighter Gundalu Mahabala Shetty.  Addressing the protesters he blamed people's representatives for their neglect, and delay in making Mulki as a Taluk centre, as per the recommendations by Hundekar Commiitte and urged the government to take necessary steps atleast now.

Horata Samiti's Bhuvanabhirama Udupa said it is evident that there is a conspiracy of secretly changing the name of Mulki constitency into Moodabidri constituency and he urged all parties to join hands and fight unitedly against this.  Harish Puthran said in his speech that both Mulki and Moodabidri areas have equal numbers of votes and due to the partiality by elected representatives, the Mulki has been ignored.  He warned of boycotting the elections if people's elected representatives fail to take action.  He also said that the Mulki Hobali has 32 villages and by merging Surathkal's Jogatte, Kalavaru and Koikude villages and also by joining villages such as, Mattu and Hejmady which are related with Mulki for revenue purposes such as land registration, a new Mulki Taluk can be formed.

Advocate Dinesh Hegde Ulepadi, Mulki town panchayat President Shashikanth Shetty, Noor Mohammad, Iqabal Ahmed, Yogeesh Kotian, Yadeesh Amin, Gopinath Padanga, B.M. Asif, Sathish Anchan, Sunil Alva, Kambala Samiti's Kolnadugutthu Ramachandra Naik, Sadhu Anchan, Abdul Razak, Dhananjay Mattu, advocate Sathish Kamath, Vasanth Bernard, Sushil Bangera, Putthu Bavu and others were present.
Protests demanding formation of Mulki Taluk intensify on its second day
Mulki, Feb. 12th, 2013:  On the second day of protests demanding formation of Mulki Taluk and appointment of a special Tahsildar for Mulki, more and more people, students, members of various organisations joined the protests and blocked NH-66.  The protest was lead by Hariskrishna Punaroor, the former persident of Karnataka Sahitya Parishath  Students from Vijaya college, local autorickshaw drivers, members of Photographers Association and other organisations covered their eyes with a black cloth band and blocked the highway by sitting on the road.  Mr. Punaroor warned of boycotting the elections by all 30 villages of Mulki Hobali, if their demands are not met. 

Protesting men remove thier shirts and stage a topless protest near Mulki bus stand
Mulki, Feb. 13th, 2013:  On the third and final day of protests demanding formation of Mulki Taluk and appointment of a special Tahsildar for Mulki, protesting men removed their shirts and staged a topless protest

Mulki Taluk Formation and Legal Battle Committee warns of intesifying the stir if special Tahsildar is not appointed by February 20th
Mulki, Feb. 14th, 2013:  On Wednesday, the last day of the three-day-long protest demanding formation of Mulki Taluk, the Samiti informed that an appeal has been sent to the Karnataka CM with an ultimatum of February 20th  to appoint a special Tahsildar for Mulki and warned of intensifying the stir if thier demand is not met.  The Horata Samiti president Harikrishna Punaroor said that the Mulki was a taluk centre with a court, harbour, custom house, excise department and other offices and for the last two decades it has been ignored completely.  He requested all people to join the agitation irrespective of party barckgrounds.