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Bundh call given to protest against UPCL
UPCL protest meet Pingara Hall of Padubidri
UPCL protest meet Pingara Hall of Padubidri
Padubidri, December 4th:  In a meeting called by Raitha Sangha to discuss the ill-effects on people's lives due to the pollution from UPCL power plant, it was decided to observe a bundh on December 26th in affected villages of Padubidri, Hejmady, Yermal Tenka and Bada, Mudarangadi, Yellur, Palimar, Inna and Belapu, with a protest meet in Padubidri Pete. The meeting was held at Pingara hall of Hotel Pallavi this afternoon and was presided by the district president of  Raitha Sangha, Vijay Hegde.  Representatives from various political parties and organisations took part in the meeting.  It was decided to discuss the further course of action at the protest meet of December 26th at Padubidri.

Janet Barboza, a social worker who is one of the worst affected by UPCL power plant, spoke about her hardships.  While narrating, she said she finds it difficult to talk due to throat pain, and her five children are also experiencing  the same.  She also said, "I used to earn my living by growing jasmines and I used to make around 50 packs (atte) of jasmines before UPCL was commissioned.  Now I am left with not even a single jasmine plant, as all of them have perished due to the pollution from UPCL power plant. Even the cattle are experiencing infertility.  To make the things even worse, it is also difficult to find even clean drinking water."

Kaup Block Congress secretary Navinchandra Shetty, Youth Congress president Naveen N. Shetty, BJP Yuva Morcha's Santosh Padubidri, Padubidri Grama Panchayat president Smt. Vijayalaxmi Acharya, Inna Grama Panchayat president Smt. Reshma Uday Shetty, Mudarangadi Grama Panchayat president Sunilraj Shetty, Bajrang Dal's Prakash Shetty Padebettu, Hejmady Grama Panchayat president Smt. Varadakshi Salian, Vice president Vaman Kotian, former member of Taluk Panchayat Neetha Gururaj and Gayatri Prabhu, Inna Bharagava Trust's Vishwanath Bhat, Padubidri Zone Muslim Okkoota president M.P. Moidinabba, UPCL affected residents Laxman Patri Yermal, Jayanth Kumar, Nagesh Bhat and others attended the meeting and expressed their support.

The organisers announced that Kaup Block Congress, Kaup Block BJP, District Truck Owners' Association and many other organisations have expressed their support for the protest.

Raitha Sangha's prominent personalities Shashidhar Shetty, Ashok Poojary, Poovappa Poojary, Rajesh Sherigar, Kolachurgutthu Rohith Shetty, Prashanth Shetty Inna and Ravindra Prabhu Mudarangadi were present.

                       News & pictures by: Hareesh Kumar Hejmady and Hameed Padubidri