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News by Hareesh Kumar Hejmady
Pollution Control Board personnel take water samples from the wells near UPCL project area
Death of a cow after grazing near UPCL power plant
Padubidri, June 9th, 2012:  On receiving complaints from the people residing near UPCL power plant area about the pollution of well water, the authorities from Pollution Control Board visited the area for inspection.  Udupi District Pollution Control Officer Rajshekhar Puranik visited the area on instructions from Udupi District Commissioner on receiving a complaint from Jayant Kumar, a local resident.  Mr. Puranik collected water samples from the wells belonging to Kariya Shetty from Ulloor, Jayant Kumar from Taje, Vimala Muggerthi and other houses from Ullorgutthu.

Speaking to the media personnel, Mr. Puranik said, "the preliminary inspection does not show any pollutants in the water.  But the water sample will be sent to the laboratory for thorough testing.  The water samples from the wells in Ulloor and Ullorgutthu area  have higher degree of mineral contents."

Yellur Grama Panchayat member Jayant Kumar pointed that the colour of his well water had changed since last two days and the body starts itching if that water is used for taking shower.

Later on, Mr. Puranik visiting Santoor Ash Coolection Unit area and UPCL project area and reported that there were no problems.  He also assured that he would inspect the project area regularly every month.
Death of cattle
In the mean time, Bellibettu Mutthu Moolya and Subrahmanya Bhat complained that their cattles have died after eating grass from surrounding area of UPCL plant.  Subrahmanya Bhat's cow had died around 8 days ago after eating grass from Taje area.  Mutthu Moolya's 9 months pregnant cow died on Friday as it refused to eat on returning to its shed after grazing near UPCL tower on Sunday.  Mr. Moolya is suffering from extreme poverty with two dependent female children to look after.  He was heavily dependent on this cow with an expected yield of 6 litres of milk a day.  However Mr. Moolya informed that the Veterinary doctor has declared death of the cow due to leg pain.  Pollution Control Officer Mr. Puranik said he would report the matter to veterinary department and the District Medical Officer.